How Much Money Can You Save By Using A Managed Print Service

How Much Money Can You Save By Using A Managed Print Service?

The cost of printing represents a large chunk of any office’s expenses. Not only does printing use up a lot of paper, but ink, toner, electricity costs, printer repair and maintenance costs all add up to the cost too. In fact, for many offices, printing is their third biggest expense after payroll, and rent. 

One way to reduce your printing costs is to switch to a managed print environment. At Carden Managed Print, we’ve helped our clients reduce their printing expenses by reducing wasted printing and only ordering new ink and toner when they actually need. Read more to learn some of the ways you could cut your office’s printing bill.

What Are Managed Print Services And How Do They Help UK Businesses?

More and more businesses are taking advantage of managed print services. In this article, we cover the basics of how managed print services work, and how they can help businesses reduce their printing costs while also increasing their efficiency. If your business is heavily reliant on printing, scanning, or photocopying multiple documents every day, it is a prime candidate for a managed print package. 

In a managed print environment, you lease printers, scanners, or copiers from a third-party supplier who is responsible for maintaining and supporting the device as well refilling your ink and toner.