The Benefits Of Managed Print Services in 2023

Managed print used to only be available to large corporations, but today, even small businesses are enjoying the benefits of managed print services. Whatever size of business you run, professionally managed print hardware can save you money and increase your efficiency. The sooner you invest in managed print technology, the sooner you can start to see the benefits.

But what are the benefits of managed print services? Well, for a start you get to lease your print hardware. This means that you can spread the cost of an otherwise prohibitively expensive piece of office equipment over multiple months. You can reduce the capital investment needed upfront and turn the cost of your printer into an ongoing operating expense.  

What are managed print services?

A managed print service is one in which your office printing hardware (including printers, scanners, photocopiers etc.) are leased from, installed, and managed by a third-party. When using a managed print service, you will either pay a flat monthly fee for your print usage or you will pay a per-page rate depending on the contract you have with your managed print provider. 

As part of a managed print contract, you usually get access to other useful features like print monitoring – which can tell you how printing is being utilised across your organisation, and automated refills where new ink/toner will be automatically ordered and delivered to your premises as soon as the system detects you are nearing the end of your current supply. 

How do managed print services work?
When you contact a managed print services provider (like Carden Managed Print), a team member will discuss your existing print usage with you and determine whether managed print services would be a good fit for your company. If it looks like you could save money or increase your efficiency by using managed print, you can choose from a selection of the state-of-the-art, modern printers, scanners, photocopiers, and multifunction devices. Once you have chosen one or more devices, a qualified engineer will deliver, install, and test your new hardware, ensuring it is correctly networked and fully operational. 

You are then able to use your managed print hardware, with an expert team on and for any troubleshooting or advice. 

How do you implement managed print services in your company? 
You can get started today, the first step is booking a call with a managed print services expert. With managed print, you can focus on your core business activities rather than being bogged down by the complexities of maintaining your printer fleet.

Are managed print services worth it? 
Managed Print Services (MPS) are an essential part of any business process, especially for organisations that need to save money on printing. But saving money isn’t the only benefit, there are lots of different ways that a managed print service can add value to your business. Let’s investigate…

7 Benefits Of Managed Print Services in 2023 

Here are just some of the ways that Carden Managed Print’s customers have benefited from professionally managed print services.

  1. Improved Productivity 
    A company’s many departments may have different printing requirements and getting the right device to the right department can save time and money. Modern print hardware, combined with state-of-the-art managed print software can also unlock new ways of working, like being able to print directly from a mobile device, or allowing employees who are working from home to automatically print documents on printers in the office without needing to be there. 
  1. Improved Security 
    Documents and printers can be a nightmare when it comes to both cybersecurity and data protection. Luckily, managed print providers (like us) are used to dealing with clients in sensitive industries like Law and Health which have strict regulations about how they can handle data and sensitive documents. In a managed print environment, extra steps can be taken, like ensuring documents are encrypted when they are sent to your printers or requiring a PIN code to release a print job once it has been sent to a machine (ensuring that the person who collects the document in the same one who sent it to the printer). 
  1. Reduced Paper Use and Waste 
    Having an overview of printing use across your organisation can help to identify departments, teams, projects, or employees who are contributing to wasteful printing. According to some studies, printing is the largest expenditure for most offices after rent and payroll. Reducing the amount of wasted print can have a large impact on the overall expenditure of your business. 
  1. Saving on Energy Costs 
    Older printers, photocopiers, and scanners are not very energy efficient. Replacing your hardware with modern machines which are more energy efficient can help you save money and save the planet!
  1. Integrated Office Technologies 
    Managed print engineers can help integrate your print hardware into your existing office technology stack. For example, you could print directly from a cloud platform like Drobox, AWS, or SharePoint without having to download your files first. Or you can use AI-drive OCR scanning technology to analyse and file documents in the cloud as you scan them. 
  1. A Flexible Solution That Can Scale As Needed 
    Because both your printing and your hardware is paid for monthly, rather than as a lump sum, it is much more feasible to scale your service up or down if your business circumstances change. If you need a 2nd or 3rd device, it’s only a minor increase to your monthly cost rather than a large, upfront capital expenditure.
  1. Fewer Printing Errors 
    Newer, better, more efficient printing hardware means less errors, less maintenance, less wasted paper, and less downtime. 

Is Your Business Ready To Upgrade To Managed Print?

Hopefully, you can now see the benefits of having a managed print service in 2023. Thousands of other businesses, large and small, have used manged print to increase their efficiency, reduce their environmental impact, and modernise how printing and scanning fits into their organisation’s tech stack. 

Managed print services are a comprehensive solution that provides the ongoing maintenance and management of your printers, photocopiers, and scanners, along with advanced print management and monitoring software automated refills, and a complete overview of print usage in your organisation. 

You can hear what our customers had to say on our testimonials page or speak to a member of our team if you have any questions about managed print or would like to learn more.

Dave King

Author: Dave King

Dave King is a Co-Founder of Carden IT Group and now runs the UK division of the company, managing the sales, technical support and digital marketing teams. This includes, but is not limited to, high profile installations and upgrades of corporate networks.