As the business world continues to become more eco-conscious, many companies are looking for more sustainable solutions for their day-to-day operations.

Unnecessary printing can be a huge drain on both a company’s finances and on the planet’s resources.

A managed print service (MPS) can help solve this, making your printing leaner and greener.

Wasted Printing

Currently, only 10% of organisations operate an Employee Print Policy. The majority of the remaining 90% do not monitor their printing use at all.

This results in a large amount of wasted printing spend that remains invisible. It is estimated that 17% of all pages printed by businesses are never used.

Organisations without MPS plans often have:

  • No user restrictions.
  • Outdated and inefficient printers and photocopiers.
  • Ink and toner sourced ad hoc from multiple vendors.
  • A large amount of their IT teams’ time taken up by printing issues.
  • No recycling in place for used ink cartridges.

 The right Managed Print Services plan can decrease your print costs and contribute to helping the environment – ensuring your printing is both more sustainable and more efficient.

How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business and Save The Planet
1. Power Usage

By replacing your outdated printers, photocopiers, scanners and fax machines with modern, energy-efficient, multi-purpose devices you not only save money, you use less electricity which means your carbon footprint is lower.

All of Carden Managed Print’s devices have excellent efficiency ratings and we configure them to use as little power as possible, utilising features like automatically putting the devices into standby/sleep mode when they are not being used to help conserve electricity.

Using multi-purpose devices also frees up additional office space.

2. Equipment End-of-Life

As all the machines are leased from your MPS provider, they handle end-of-life collection and the recycling of the machines once you no longer require them.

If the printer/photocopier is still in good condition it will be refurbished, reset to factory settings and used in a different client’s future MPS.

3. Printing Policies

A MPS provides simple but powerful print analytics tools that let you see exactly how much printing is being done, where and by whom.

Print policies like defaulting to duplex printing or low-ink use settings for non-essential documents help to conserve both paper and ink. These are sometimes referred to as “think before you ink” policies.

At Carden Managed Print, we’ve seen clients reduce their wasted print spend by as much as 76%.

If you’re looking to save money AND save the planet, book a free print audit with one of our managed print experts today.

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