High Volume Photocopiers

We can supply high volume photocopiers that can keep up with the needs of even the most demanding office – with some copying close to 100 pages per minute and holding up to 15,000 sheets. Perfect for organisations that regularly need to duplicate entire folders worth of material multiple times. We also offer smaller, more compact photocopiers for companies with limited space.

Print / Copy / Scan

Our multifunction printers can scan pages at the same time as photocopying them. Ideal for organisations that need to keep both physical and digital copies of their documents. Multifunction printers also reduce the amount of office space that needs to be dedicated to print technology as it is essentially three machines in one. Many of these multifunction machines can email documents or save them to the cloud, directly from the device.

Suits Any Budget

As a business expense, a leased photocopier is 100% tax deductible, unlike buying a photocopier which are only deductible at 40% the year of purchase and then 25% the following year. We have a wide variety of flexible managed print plans and will work with you to find the one that best suits your organisation and its needs.