Other Services

Label Printing

If your business sends a large amount of post, it would benefit from a specialised shipping label machine or a printer that can print directly onto envelopes. Postage-ready printers are available to our clients and our technical team can help to configure them for your organisation’s specific requirements such as incorporating your logo or branding into your shipping labels. Other specialised printing is available too, including barcode printers, stockroom labels or promotional vouchers.

Cloud Printing/Scanning

Many of our printer, scanners and photocopiers are backed with cloud technology, allowing for greater streamlining and removing the need to make multiple physical copies of each document. With an internet connected printer/scanner you can scan documents directly to, and print documents directly from, cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.

Print Analysis

Before moving to a managed print environment many companies are actually not aware of how much they are spending on printing or how much ink and paper they are using. As part of the personalised service from Carden Managed Print your account manager will consult with both our engineers and your staff and examine your printing use to see where efficiencies can be made and where physical copies can be replaced digitally, saving you money and saving the planet.