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Most firms, unsurprisingly, focus on computers when it comes to cyber security. However, organisations often ignore their printers. This can have serious consequences. If having an unsecured printer leads to sensitive information being leaked, you could find yourself being in breach of the GDPR, as well as other data protection regulations which govern your industry.

By using a managed print security service, organisations can protect their printers from cyber threats and ensure that all printed documents are securely stored and encrypted.

How Do Secure Print Services Work?

Secure printing services allow you to print sensitive documents. 

To use a secure print function, you must first enter a password or PIN code before printing a document. The document is then sent to the printer, but the machine holds it and doesn’t print it until you enter the same password again on the machine itself.

This process assures that only the person who printed the document, and only that person, gets access to it once it has been processed.

Securing Print Infrastructure

With a secure print server, you can easily set permissions to choose which users in your business network have permission to access your printers.

Securing Print Workflows

Protecting the information while it is in and ensuring that the user collecting the document is the same one who sent it to the printer.

Securing Printed Documents

Printer user logs, print audits, remote usage monitoring, and watermarks can all help to trace documents after they have been printed.

Secure Printing For Businesses - UK

Why You Need Secure Printing

Authorised Printing

Passwords, PIN codes, or key-fobs can be used to secure your printer, just as they can be used to secure the entrance to a building. Different users, devices, and documents can have different security conditions placed on them.


With managed print security, all print devices need their hard drives encrypted and their print tasks should be encrypted both while at rest and in transit.


Watermarks can help trace where and when a document was printed. This helps to discourage the leaking of sensitive information as it is easier to trace the leaker from the watermark. Watermarks can also be used to prevent the duplication of copyrighted material.

Security Alerts and Print Audits

We can set up real-time alarms with dedicated secure print software to alert you to any irregular usage. You’ll also have full visibility over the journey of documents through your print network.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is release printing the same as secure printing?

Release printing is a key element of secure printing. Documents are only “released” from the printer when you enter a password or pin code. However, for a print process to be truly secure you must also encrypt the print jobs while they are being transferred to the printer.

Which organisations need secure printing?

Secure printing for businesses can benefit every workplace across the UK, but those for which it is absolutely necessary include; law offices, doctor’s offices, dental surgeries, financial services, and any other business where client confidentiality is important.

Is it possible to track which user has printed a document?

Yes. As part of our secure printing services, every user is assigned a passcode which needs to be entered to release a document from a printer. This means it is possible to review the print logs and see which user printed which documents. This is why it is important that users do not share their pass codes.

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