Anthony Davis

IT Support Engineer
Anthony works as an IT Support Engineer supporting our clients across NYC. He supports them remotely through our help desk, but also in person as part of our on-premises team. When helping a client on-premises, Anthony always makes sure to not only address their immediate issue, but also to proactively implement measures to prevent future problems arising.

Ever since he first starting learning about computers as a child, Anthony has been fascinated by all thing technical. In middle school, he had his first official computer classes. He quickly found that his knowledge was outpacing his teachers’. So, a career in IT support seemed the natural choice for him.

One of the things he loves about IT support is that there is always something new to learn, so he has enjoyed his time at Carden IT Services so far. He’s had the chance to learn about the different technologies and systems we use to support our clients.

When he’s not working with our customers to strengthen their IT, Anthony enjoys skateboarding and spending time with his son.

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  • Monday - Friday:8.00am - 5.30pm

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