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If your office handles a lot of paperwork, you’ll know how time consuming it can be to try and digitise it. Carden’s cloud printing solutions can help.

We’ve used cloud printing and scanning in our own business for years. Any paper documents can be scanned and automatically stored securely in a Microsoft 365 SharePoint site. 

Your business doesn’t have to use Microsoft SharePoint though, almost any cloud platform can be accessed directly from your printer and your documents can be uploaded as you scan them.

Cloud printing services are a convenient way to print from anywhere in the UK. They allow users to easily and quickly print, whether from a USB drive or mobile device. Cloud printing UK uses technology to link computers, printers, and websites through the cloud.

Carden Managed Print is just one part of the Carden IT Group, which offers managed IT support, business telecoms, and digital marketing services to UK businesses.

Streamline Your Workflow

By unblocking bottlenecks in corporate processes, Carden Managed Print specialises in increasing your printing and scanning functionality while reducing your overheads. We personalise our cloud managed printing solutions to offer the outcomes clients genuinely need, rather than delivering a one-size-fits-all service.

We make it our duty to understand our customers’ documents processes and workflow before developing and implementing a solution that works. Paper-intensive operations are the source of much wasted time and money in organisations. While every cloud printing solution is unique, our team brings their expertise and experience to every one of our customers.

  • Scan To The Cloud
    Streamline your processes and scan documents directly to the cloud in one step. Your managed scanner can be connected to your cloud platform of choice, including SharePoint, Google Drive, AWS, or Dropbox. 
  • Print From The Cloud
    Connect your managed printer to your cloud platform of choice and print documents directly from the cloud with a single click. There’s no need to download the document to your device first.

Scan To Any Device Or Scan To The Cloud

Managed cloud based printing services allow you to simplify and speed up document handling and processing.

Our software can automate document-driven procedures for any size organisation, reducing the amount of admin work that your team needs to do and freeing them up to spend their time on more valuable tasks.

Cloud printing services can also help to reduce human error, increase operational efficiency, lower overhead, and improve your data protection compliance.

Using a managed print app, you can scan your documents and automatically forward them to your destination of choice. There are several ways to use this, but some popular ones among our customers are…

Scan To Email

Automatically send documents to a designated email inbox as you scan.

Scan To USB

Scan directly to a connected USB stick or portable hard drive.

Scan To The Cloud

Automatically upload documents to your cloud platform of choice.


Send your document to multiple locations at once.

Cloud Printing Solutions UK

Print From Different Locations

When you connect your printers and scanners to the cloud, you can print a document from a different location. Team members working remotely can access printers in the office. Employees working on one premise can print on a device in another, allowing you to send printed documents without needing a fax machine.

As a result, cloud managed printing has gained more strength and popularity as it helps to simplify business processes by providing instant access to any workhorse printer no matter where the user is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud printing?

By sending print jobs to an internet-connected printer through your computer, smartphone, or tablet, cloud printing services enable you to print from any device which is connected to the internet. Most users can easily print a document from their own device without having to set up drivers or install any new software.

Can you print from a different location using cloud printing?

Yes, depending on how your cloud printing is configured, team members working off-premises will still be able to send print jobs to your office printers. 

Where do you offer cloud printing services?

We offer our cloud printing services to businesses in Brighton, Sussex & London.

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