A huge amount of time in offices is taken up by repetitive tasks. Scanning, printing, cataloguing, filing, archiving, uploading files. The latest office hardware and cloud software help to streamline these processes, freeing up time and resources to spend on more profitable endeavours. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Scanning To The Cloud

Using an office scanner which is connected to a cloud storage platform like Microsoft SharePoint, Dropbox, or Google Drive can help to save both time and hard drive space. Rather than having to scan hundreds of documents to a hard drive, then manually back them up to the cloud, you can now scan directly to the cloud. 

If required, individual users can scan documents to their own designated cloud storage folders, no matter which device they are scanning from. Documents are encrypted in transit to the cloud, making the entire process secure. 

Scanning to the cloud saves your employees time, can be easily set up either your IT department or a managed print provider like Carden Managed Print. 

OCR Workflow Scanning

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This refers to a piece of software which can recognise printed text and convert it to digital text which can then be edited or searched. While this was already a useful tool for any business which deals with a lot of documents, the latest OCR software is even more powerful. 

Modern OCR solutions, combine character recognition with machine learning, AI-based document processing, and customisable rules. This allows the OCR software to not only recognise printed text, but also parse its meaning, automatically flagging and categorising documents depending on their content. For example, your OCR software could be set to detect receipts and invoices and automatically files them in the correct folders as you scan them, Removing the tiresome task of manually sorting through the documents after you’ve scanned them. 

Mobile Scanning

The camera on even a mid-range phone is of a higher quality than most office scanners. This means that “scanning” doesn’t even need to use a scanner. Scanning software which automatically crops photos of documents and uploads them as text files. These can then be searched, as well as edited in programmes like Microsoft Word.

How Managed Print Services Can Help

If all the benefits above sounds like they would be extremely useful, but also like something wouldn’t have the time or expertise to implement in your own business, it’s probably time to consider a managed print service provider like us. At Carden Managed Print, we help businesses to modernise and streamline their office processes by leasing the latest printers, scanners, and photocopiers, alongside OCR and print analytics software. Our team takes care of the installation, set up, and ongoing support. We even send you new ink/toner automatically when our system detects you are running low, so it arrives before your current supply runs out. 

Speak to our team today to learn more about our professional managed print services. 

Dave King

Author: Dave King

Dave King is a Co-Founder of Carden IT Group and now runs the UK division of the company, managing the sales, technical support and digital marketing teams. This includes, but is not limited to, high profile installations and upgrades of corporate networks.