How Much Money Can You Save By Using A Managed Print Service

The cost of printing represents a large chunk of any office’s expenses. Not only does printing use up a lot of paper, but ink, toner, electricity costs, printer repair and maintenance costs all add up to the cost too. In fact, for many offices, printing is their third biggest expense after payroll, and rent. 

One way to reduce your printing costs is to switch to a managed print environment. At Carden Managed Print, we’ve helped our clients reduce their printing expenses by reducing wasted printing and only ordering new ink and toner when they actually need. Read more to learn some of the ways you could cut your office’s printing bill.

6 Ways Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business Save Money

Businesses which use managed print services generally spend less money per page on their printing, waste less paper and ink on unnecessary printing, have more efficient hardware, and have greater visibility over how they are using print resources across their organisation. They also get access to expert support (both on premises and remote) as standard. 

Here are 6 of the main ways that managed print can save an organisation money as we as some of the other benefits of managed print services in the UK. 

  1. Lower Your Energy Costs 
    If your printer is outdated, or you are still relying on a commercial home printer to do your office printing, it is unlikely to be very energy efficient. When you use a managed print service, you get access to the latest print hardware, which is very energy efficient, helping you save energy and the planet!
  2. Outsourcing Help Desk Support
    When you are outsourcing print management you are also outsourcing your print hardware’s maintenance and repairs. The upkeep of your printers, photocopiers, scanners, and other print hardware will be covered under your managed print plan. Not only does this technical support remove the risk of a having to pay a large one-off fee for a repair, but it also allows the support team to troubleshoot your hardware remotely. This allows them to address most support requests instantly without you having to wait for an engineer to travel to your premises. If there is ever a serious error with hardware, you will have a replacement delivered and installed promptly and free of charge.
  3. Gaining Insight Into Your Printing Habits
    As part of your managed print service, you will get access to print monitoring software which can show you an overview of print us across your company. This lets you know which departments, teams, and users are using the most print resources. From there you can address whether there are technical or training-related issues which might be causing excessive print use and reduce the amount of unnecessary or duplicate printing in your organisation.
  4. Improve Employee Productivity
    When you use managed print, you’ll get access to the latest print hardware and software. This includes lot of useful tools to boost productivity, like the ability to print directly from the cloud, print from mobile. Remote employees can even send print jobs to the office to be completed without having to be there in person. Built-in OCR scanning technology uses AI to automatically parse, label, and file documents as they are uploaded to the cloud, saving hours of admin time.
  5. Reduces Security Risks
    While not an ongoing cost, a fine for mishandling customer data can be a nasty surprise and can cause serious reputational damage if you are in a sensitive industry like law, finance or health. Luckily, managed print makes your printing more secure. Print jobs can be encrypted, and printers can even be secured with personalised pin codes, so that only the user that sent a print job is able to physically “release” it from the printer. This helps preserve a chain of custody for sensitive documents and reduce the security risks.
  6. Better Manage Your Supplies and Equipment
    Ink and toner can be expensive, but the only thing worse than ordering too much of it is running out in the middle of an important printing task. In a managed print environment, your printer’s ink and toner levels are monitored remotely and new ink and toner is automatically ordered and delivered to you before you even realise that you’re running low.

Want To Save Money On Your Monthly Printing Bill?

Hopefully, you can now see that managed print solutions aren’t just about leasing a printer, but also about giving you team new tools to increase their productivity and reduce waste. By switching to a managed print environment, you could cut your energy costs, reduce the amount of wasteful printing, automate repetitive office tasks, and get the latest hardware for a flat monthly fee. 

At Carden Managed Print, we help businesses of all sizes to take control of their printing. We’re part of the larger Carden IT Group which includes divisions for IT support, business telecoms, digital marketing and more. So, it’s not just printing we can help you with, we can leverage advanced IT hardware and software to help your business save money and boost productivity in various ways. 

Speak to our team today, they’ll you determine the right package for your business and explain more about how to save on printing costs by switching to a managed print environment.

Dave King

Author: Dave King

Dave King is a Co-Founder of Carden IT Group and now runs the UK division of the company, managing the sales, technical support and digital marketing teams. This includes, but is not limited to, high profile installations and upgrades of corporate networks.